Happy New Year! 2014 – 2015 Updates: and more Updates

A lot has happened since I last posted.

I broke my wrist right after my Birthday in June 2013. Then Hubby died right after I got out of the hospital. (Just try giving CPR with your arm in a splint and sling!) The bank closed Hubby’s account, cutting off all the auto-pays on the account and I got a flurry of bills I had no backup of what or if I really owed. Hubby’s office was in such a mess I had to pay someone to clean it out. Important receipts and papers were never found. I couldn’t find the files on his computer. Excel hates me.

I have been walking around in a fog until recently. After the smoke cleared I was able to get out again, find a church, friends and join Overeaters Anonymous 2014.

Thanks to the 12-Step Overeaters Anonymous program I have gradually lost 25 pounds! The secret to my success is my Higher Power, my support group, OA literature, my sponsor and following the 12 steps. 🙂 I know, through OA, that I turned to food for comfort to the point that it became a drug. I am learning to eat in moderation and abstain from addictive foods ie: containing sugar and/or flour.

Am I addicted to food? Hehe, aren’t we all? 😀

Goal #3 ~ Stick with Overeaters Anonymous!

Seeking Bouncy Music

I’ve been thinking today what music will motivate me to use my rebounder.
My story:
I have to admit my Hubby is totally addicted to TV. It is actually very boring to me because I am creative and want to be doing new things. Especially now. It’s spring! We need to be cleaning, arranging furniture and getting organized!

I stayed inside the last two days because of bitter wind, rain and hail we’re having here. So I had no opportunity to walk or garden. Maybe I’m getting a little stir crazy.

If I can just start one new thing for my Losin’ It program, I’d be happy. *Not* eating cake is a biggie. That was good. I proved I can do that. But do I really want to exercise to Hubby watching some old movie or worse, a new movie that I really want to sit down and watch?

I had talked about getting a tape recorder but maybe I need a CD player too, to wear earplugs and listen to motivating music. I think I want to listen to Bouncy music because it is happy music. It may sound funny but I like nearly everything written by Cole Porter. 🙂

Goal #2 ~ Find bouncy motivating music to exercise to.

Easy Peasy Meatloaf

3 green peppers and 3 medium onions chopped or diced in a food processor,
Liberal fresh ground pepper (1 teaspoon or to taste)
5 eggs
10 pounds of ground beef or any combination of 5 pounds of ground beef with 5 pounds of ground chicken or ground pork.

Mix well and form into 2 long loaves with plenty of space around them, each in a lasagna size dishes so it will form a meaty crust.

Pour 1/2 can of tomato sauce over the top of each.
Bake @ 350 degrees F for 1 hour and 45 mins – 2 hours just until a good crust forms and meat juices stop pouring out.

*Optional 1 teaspoon of rubbed sage for a slight sausage flavor (or use sausage or Italian sausage for a portion of the ground meat) or a dash of cayenne or 2 jalapeno peppers for a spice flare. Top with tomato slices instead of tomato sauce or use strips of bacon.

All tested, tasted and all delicious! Enjoy! 🙂

Giving in to Good Food

Last night Hubby and I worked together to make meatloaf. nom nom 🙂 Healthy stuff! Without the crackers or oatmeal. Granted I had half a potato with it but that is much better than diving into the forbidden cake. Full tummy and proud of myself. 😀

I remember when I was a kid. I’d be going nuts before dinner from the delicious smells. I would go to the kitchen and ask my grandma for some food and she would reach up to the top shelf and hand me a bag of bonbons. I  would run to my parents room so that my brothers and sisters wouldn’t steal it from me and eat 2 or 3 of them or until I wasn’t starving anymore. Stupid, right? If my mom had been there, she would have given me half an apple or a piece of cheese.

I went hungry too long, ate the wrong thing. The end result is that I couldn’t eat dinner. I promised myself once I grew up that I would never go hungry again. With short lapses when I went to college, I stuck to that promise until recently.

So why do I let myself go hungry now? I get busy. I’m chatting with friends. I wait to do my work until it is too late to eat before I get my work done or I don’t want to do physical work on a full stomach. So I am forming a goal.

Goal #1 ~ Fill myself up with good food when I’m hungry or at meal time. Work and chat comes second.

With that I’ll go have a nice filling dinner. 🙂

Day One, an Intro

I have been thin all my life until sometime after I had my 3rd child. I was working as a nurse at the time and patients gave me chocolates instead of a tip. Fool that I was, I ate them and got addicted to sugar.

After that I went into real estate which always had boxes of doughnuts in the office and free coffee and Broker’s opens with huge food layouts of pizza n beer or sandwiches and champagne. (I had a tough life.)
I didn’t start gaining weight immediately but with a change in cravings from milk, eggs and toast (which I used to live on) to sugary tea or coffee with bear claws, oatmeal, cream-of-wheat (and anything else I could pile sugar into) I most definitely gained weight!

I was gaining 2 pounds a week in 2004 until I got onto a healthy diet. (See Bee at http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com )

I’ve been losing weight slowly but I still go crazy on the weekends, eating whatever. I get plenty of exercise working around the house and taking care of my chickens, etc. I think if I can get my cravings under control, I’ll be OK. ♥
I almost forgot to tell the most important cause of my trouble with weight. I was *very motivated* to stay on the diet to recover my health but once I had energy and was pain free and didn’t have any more emergency trips to the hospital, I slacked off a little bit.
Then the most horrible thing in my life occurred, my 27 year old son Mark died. I was devastated and immediately went off my diet some time after his memorial. It took me nearly 3 years to recover.
In the interim I developed painful knees. The doc said I’d have to have them replaced! So I managed to get back on the diet for some months until the pain went away and we went like this, my knees and me, on and off for those 3 years. When I thought I had recovered from my knees and Mark’s death, without warning, my eldest brother Norman died.

It took me over a year to get feeling better, all the while fighting to stay on my diet, and then my eldest sister died. I was crushed. We had just talked! She called me for my birthday and now she was gone. It hasn’t been a full year since Karen died. It was June 29 2012.
With each of these deaths, I had to fight to stay healthy. Because I knew, if I had kept eating healthy, instead of pigging out on ice cream and pie, I would have been stronger. Anyway, I thought I better tell my battle of the last 6 years. Peace, out.