Giving in to Good Food

Last night Hubby and I worked together to make meatloaf. nom nom 🙂 Healthy stuff! Without the crackers or oatmeal. Granted I had half a potato with it but that is much better than diving into the forbidden cake. Full tummy and proud of myself. 😀

I remember when I was a kid. I’d be going nuts before dinner from the delicious smells. I would go to the kitchen and ask my grandma for some food and she would reach up to the top shelf and hand me a bag of bonbons. I  would run to my parents room so that my brothers and sisters wouldn’t steal it from me and eat 2 or 3 of them or until I wasn’t starving anymore. Stupid, right? If my mom had been there, she would have given me half an apple or a piece of cheese.

I went hungry too long, ate the wrong thing. The end result is that I couldn’t eat dinner. I promised myself once I grew up that I would never go hungry again. With short lapses when I went to college, I stuck to that promise until recently.

So why do I let myself go hungry now? I get busy. I’m chatting with friends. I wait to do my work until it is too late to eat before I get my work done or I don’t want to do physical work on a full stomach. So I am forming a goal.

Goal #1 ~ Fill myself up with good food when I’m hungry or at meal time. Work and chat comes second.

With that I’ll go have a nice filling dinner. 🙂

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