Happy New Year! 2014 – 2015 Updates: and more Updates

A lot has happened since I last posted.

I broke my wrist right after my Birthday in June 2013. Then Hubby died right after I got out of the hospital. (Just try giving CPR with your arm in a splint and sling!) The bank closed Hubby’s account, cutting off all the auto-pays on the account and I got a flurry of bills I had no backup of what or if I really owed. Hubby’s office was in such a mess I had to pay someone to clean it out. Important receipts and papers were never found. I couldn’t find the files on his computer. Excel hates me.

I have been walking around in a fog until recently. After the smoke cleared I was able to get out again, find a church, friends and join Overeaters Anonymous 2014.

Thanks to the 12-Step Overeaters Anonymous program I have gradually lost 25 pounds! The secret to my success is my Higher Power, my support group, OA literature, my sponsor and following the 12 steps. 🙂 I know, through OA, that I turned to food for comfort to the point that it became a drug. I am learning to eat in moderation and abstain from addictive foods ie: containing sugar and/or flour.

Am I addicted to food? Hehe, aren’t we all? 😀

Goal #3 ~ Stick with Overeaters Anonymous!

Seeking Bouncy Music

I’ve been thinking today what music will motivate me to use my rebounder.
My story:
I have to admit my Hubby is totally addicted to TV. It is actually very boring to me because I am creative and want to be doing new things. Especially now. It’s spring! We need to be cleaning, arranging furniture and getting organized!

I stayed inside the last two days because of bitter wind, rain and hail we’re having here. So I had no opportunity to walk or garden. Maybe I’m getting a little stir crazy.

If I can just start one new thing for my Losin’ It program, I’d be happy. *Not* eating cake is a biggie. That was good. I proved I can do that. But do I really want to exercise to Hubby watching some old movie or worse, a new movie that I really want to sit down and watch?

I had talked about getting a tape recorder but maybe I need a CD player too, to wear earplugs and listen to motivating music. I think I want to listen to Bouncy music because it is happy music. It may sound funny but I like nearly everything written by Cole Porter. 🙂

Goal #2 ~ Find bouncy motivating music to exercise to.